Bring your Company’s Values alive in every email sent by your team

Ensure that your Company Values are top-of-mind and part of all communications. Recognise colleagues for representing those Values in their work.

Qorteq500 – Benefits

  • Reinforces your Values as part of the thought process of the team
  • Gives colleagues the chance to recognise each other for representing the Values
  • See which parts of the business are strong on Values and Culture

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Reply better, faster and more consistently to the emails you receive using pre-built, editable Responses.

With Qorteq90 you can use our carefully crafted Responses to reply to any email in your Inbox or create your own Responses – and use them as often as you like.

Qorteq90 – Benefits

  • You save a lot of thinking and typing time.
  • Your email communication becomes even more effective.
  • Using a carefully crafted Response means that you can maintain a high standard of reply, even when time is limited.

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See Qorteq90 in action

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Help for Qorteq90

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Liberation from unwanted and ineffective email

Imagine if the only emails you received from your colleagues were relevant, clear and concise? And if your own emails were even more impactful? Qorteq180 creates enhanced connections that change email forever.

Qorteq180 – Benefits

  • Solves the problem of irrelevant and bad email within organisations.
  • Spend less time on email and still achieve more with email.
  • Enhances human understanding across the organisation.

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