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Bring your Company’s Values alive in every email sent by your team.

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Watch this short animation to find out how Qorteq can ingrain your company’s values and strategies into the DNA of your team.


Extremely powerful, easy to understand and simple to use.

  • When receiving an email, one click on Qorteq500 reveals a list of Buttons
  • Each Button is the name of one of your Values
  • A click on a Values button recognises a colleague for an email that embodies that Value
  • Dashboards engage the team in positive feedback
  • Reports provide the Company with a view on Values engagement across the business

The benefits are significant.

  • Reinforce your Values as part of the thought process of the team
  • Ensure your Values become a habit in all forms of communication
  • Give colleagues the chance to recognise each other for representing your Values
  • Bring Values engagement to specific communications
  • See which parts of the business are strong on Values and Culture
  • Identify areas where intervention can increase engagement with Values and Culture

Qorteq500 works with Microsoft 365, Office 2013, and Office 2016