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Using Qorteq90's Responses to enhance your connections

At Qorteq we believe in enhanced human connections – using smart technology in an intelligent way to help people have a deeper understanding of one another, especially in the business world.

Qorteq90’s Responses are great for replying better, faster and more consistently to the emails you receive. So how can you use them to maximise your impact and enhance your own connections? Well, there are quite a few things to think about. We’ve listed the main points below and we hope they will be as helpful to you as they are to us.


Using Responses is an opportunity to create a library of real quality replies.


You can use a Response to reply where you wouldn’t otherwise have the time to create something of the same standard. 


When creating a new Response, it’s worth taking extra design time to make sure it’s saying precisely what you want. You might be using the Response a lot in the future, so the investment now in quality and time will be worth it.


Be mindful of your audience– who are the people who will be receiving your Response?  How will they feel when they receive what you are creating? Try to imagine them receiving your Response and try to build this insight into the design of your message.


In business communication, people will respond best to messages that are polite, respectful and easy to read and understand.


Keep your Responses general.  You will want to use them repeatedly, so stay away from specific details.


Using plain and simple language in Responses will make them relevant and acceptable in a broader range of situations – for example, different levels of seniority or formality.


The preconfigured Responses in Qorteq90 are based on extensive experience and expert guidance and can be used extensively as replies, and as useful examples in creating Responses that fit your specific needs.


A Response isn’t always the right path to choose. Sometimes an email will need a unique reply. When in doubt, send a unique reply.


Remember not to send a Response to spam as it can let the spammer know that your email address is live and result in more spam.


Do you need a new Response in your library, or will it work better to slightly edit an existing one? Err on the side of fewer Responses.  It makes them easier to remember, select and manage – particularly when you are busy.


If you can’t remember what a Response says, check before sending. You’ll see the first words appear when you hover your mouse over a Response icon.


Including a personal signoff when you design your Responses (for example ‘Regards’, and your name) can add a personal touch.


If you use Responses with work colleagues, you can agree to use them in all kinds of situations to maximise time-saving and efficiency – or you can talk to us here at Qorteq about using Responses throughout your organisation or company.


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