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Emotionally Intelligent Email

Liberation from unwanted and ineffective email

Qorteq180 delivers enduring relief from irrelevant and bad email within organisations. When receiving an email, users are able to make Suggestions to colleagues about how the email could be improved in future. Could the message have been clearer, more concise, or easier to act on? Or perhaps they didn’t need to receive it at all? Suggestions are then intelligently processed, and presented in an anonymised and compelling way. Each user is therefore able, at any point, to see and understand how colleagues feel about their emails, and the changes that can be made to increase their own impact when sending a message. Insight into these communication dynamics are also available to the company.

By creating an enhanced understanding between real people, our patent pending technology provides both the means and the motivation for constant improvement.

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Gain extraordinary insight into communication and collaboration dynamics across your organisation.

This is insight of a kind that has, literally, never before been available.

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