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Qorteq90 Overview

Reply better, faster and more consistently to the emails you receive using pre-built, editable Responses.

When replying to emails there are some things we say a lot. It may be for business, for making personal plans, or simply out of courtesy.  But each reply steals a slice of our time, and often we end up saying, creating, and sending the same things again and again.  If we could get those slices back, then we’d have more time for richer conversations with friends or colleagues, for more productive work, and for more enjoyable play.

With Qorteq90 you can use our carefully crafted Responses to reply to any email in your Inbox. Or create your own Responses – and use them as often as you like.

See Qorteq90 in action

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Qorteq90 Features


Sends email replies with the click of a button.


Contains a preconfigured set of carefully crafted Responses.


Our preconfigured Responses are designed to handle a number of situations in an emotionally intelligent way.


Includes an intuitive editing tool to create or update your own Responses.


Includes a concise Guide on how to ensure the Responses you use and create enhance your connections with others.


Qorteq90 Benefits


You save a lot of thinking time and typing time.


Your email communication becomes even more effective.


Using a carefully crafted Response means that you can maintain a high standard of reply, even when time is limited.  


You can easily reply to emails where you often send similar replies, or don’t normally have time to respond. 


You can provide the courtesy of a reply to more of the emails you receive.


You can adapt Responses to use in a wide range of situations, from short personal messages to substantial business communications.

Help for Qorteq90

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Does my Outlook support Qorteq90?

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Responses – best practice

Qorteq90’s Responses are great for replying better, faster and more consistently to the emails you receive. Click here for a guide on best practice in creating and using Responses.