GDPR Assure

Watch this short animation to see how you can catch and manage GDPR issues fast, anywhere they appear.



Watch this short animation to find out how Qorteq can ingrain your company’s values and strategies into the DNA of your team.


Qorteq enables your team to do the right thing.

  • It is easy and natural for anyone anywhere in your business to catch and report a GDPR or compliance issue using our tools.

  • Promoting positive actions and outcomes within your organisation becomes second nature using our values and strategies platform.
  • In all cases, measuring and managing progress gives you the insight and the control.

Most of us want to do the right thing. It is a lot easier when it takes only seconds of our time. Qorteq uses an understanding of human behaviour to create clever tools that deliver results – whether catching and managing a GDPR issue, making a critical strategy part of the DNA of the team, or saving millions by cutting the volume of internal email by half.

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GDPR Assure


Catch and manage GDPR issues fast, anywhere they appear.

GDPR issues can arise anywhere in your business. A customer demand. A data breach. A process problem.

How will you quickly identify and manage these risks? How will your team flag a GDPR issue before it becomes a GDPR crisis? How will you show how seriously you take GDPR compliance?

GDPR Assure makes it easy for anyone in your organisation to refer a data privacy issue to your privacy office. It takes 2 seconds. And the experts can then manage all the issues in one place.

GDPR Assure end-to-end management and tracking ensures that all issues raised are captured, and that every issue’s lifecycle is recorded in full.

Catch and manage GDPR issues fast, anywhere they appear. Contact Qorteq now for a demo.



Make your priorities part of your team’s DNA.

- promote and measure engagement with your company values
- ensure your strategies inform decision-making
- massively cut the time your team wastes on irrelevant and bad internal email

Whatever your priorities, we can put them at the centre of your team’s thinking. Contact us now.



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