Qorteq enables your team to do the right thing.

  • It is easy and natural for anyone anywhere in your business to catch and report a GDPR or compliance issue using our tools.

  • Promoting positive actions and outcomes within your organisation becomes second nature using our values and strategies platform.
  • In all cases, measuring and managing progress gives you the insight and the control.

Most of us want to do the right thing. It is a lot easier when doing the right thing takes only seconds of our time. We use an understanding of human behaviour to create clever tools that deliver results – whether catching and managing a GDPR issue, integrating a critical strategy into the team’s DNA, or saving millions by cutting the volume of internal email by half.

Qorteq’s management have held executive leadership positions in early-stage and in multi-billion-dollar multinational companies. Qorteq is headquartered in London.